Yes 3-month UAE visit visas discontinued

UAE visit visa

The issuance of three-month tourist visas in the UAE has been suspended, Khaleej Times reported. According to an executive at the Federal Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) call center, three-month visas are no longer valid.

The call-centre executive reported, “The three-month entry pass was an option a few months ago, but it is no longer available. Tourists to the UAE can now apply for a 30- or 60-day visa. Also, the executive said.” , “Travel agencies have the authority to issue these permits.”

Khaleej Times contacted transport officials who confirmed the development. It is reported that the opportunity to apply for a three-month visitor visa at the license desk is no longer available.

Initially, the three-month passport was canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic and replaced with a 60-day pass. However, it was returned as a holiday license in May.

The 90-day visa in Dubai is issued only to the first relatives of the residents. The head of the Amer call center confirmed this, explaining that residents have the right to help their parents or relatives under the three-month programme.

Special Thanks & Reference: Khaleej Times

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